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practical answers, real results, and life-changing transformations. 



It’s Not Rocket Science


One of the biggest secrets of game is a simple one:

Learn game from someone massively better than you.

Look, mentorship works. And I’m speaking from experience. Less time spent struggling, more time spent succeeding. 

Kind of a no brainer.

The Problem with



Look, I’ve been there. Learning game by yourself can be hard!

You’re finally taking action, but without somebody showing you what you’re doing right and wrong, you’re bound to struggle. 

Why struggle for years on your own? Why repeat the same mistakes again and again when you can zero in on exactly what you need to fix from a mentor that knows how to get you to succeed.

It’s simply the smart way to learn game.

The Best Way to Learn



...is to learn it from someone advanced.

Again, not rocket science. But too many guys either think they can guess and stumble their way into better game, or aren’t really serious about learning.

There’s just no faster, better way to learn game than to learn it from someone significantly better than you. 


I pride myself on making programs that get results, assuming you put in the work. One thing I’ve found that consistently works is access to knowledgeable mentors that care about your long-term success. Mentors that help you solve your problems, know how to hold you accountable, and show you a path to accelerated progress. 

If you’re taking massive action, you’re going to run into sticking points. So I wanted to create a way for students to get on-going access and feedback from me and my team. Not to mention create a private community of hardcore gamers that motivate and learn from each other. 

Which is why I built the program the way I did. 

Get Even More Mentorship From...

Direct mentorship, knowledge and feedback from Todd via a TWICE-WEEKLY live group call

Get practical answers to questions and challenges

What's Inside...



A private, anonymous, members-only forum of students and coaches where you can share your progress, ask questions, and complete assignments.



Got a pressing question or need feedback on a field report? Ask Todd’s team of highly-trained coachings in the mentorship portal.



Access Todd’s extensive archive of mini-courses and in-depth answers to sticking points that come up again and again.

Common Sticking Points. Solved.

Approach Anxiety

Overcome AA through real solutions and knowledgeable mentorship in the mentorship portal

Beginner Paralysis

Access a daygame or nightgame mini-course in the archive and start taking action today

Intermediate Purgatory

Zero in on the common sticking points you’re experiencing by getting direct guidance from Todd


Not satisfied with your quality? Describe your issues to Todd and his coaches

Aimless Action

Find the perfect roadmap and mini-course for your goals and keep track of progress in the mentorship portal


Build the relationship(s) of your dreams by avoiding the common pitfalls most men make


New to the world of nightlife? Follow along with Todd's nightgame mini-course


Get concrete answers to your daygame questions directly from Todd

Online Game and Texting

Along with a mini-course, use the mentorship portal to get direct feedback

Mini-Course Library and Archive

Daygame Mini-Course

A simple and practical system for daytime cold approach

Nightgame Mini-Course

A simple and practical system for cold approach in clubs and bars

Pulling Masterclass

The subtle are of pulling is finally demystified and deconstructed by Todd himself

Online Dating Mini-Course

Todd’s time-tested approach to getting huge results from dating sites and apps

Texting Guide

A step-by-step guide for effective text messaging

The Todd V Style Guide

Learn up-to-date secrets for looking and dressing your best

And Much More...

Meet your Mentors


Two decades of game, thousands of students, a system that gets results

Specializes in:

  • Practical game for all levels and effective coaching
  • Deep real-world knowledge of outer and inner game
  • Nightgame, Daygame, Online Game, and Lifestyle
  • Highly personal coaching style designed for growth


Daygame coach with Todd for 5+ Years

Based in USA

Specializes in:

  • Daytime Approach, Hooking, and Pulling from Insta-dates
  • Natural Vibe and Sexual Charisma
  • Badboy Flirtation
  • Style and Fitness Aficionado


Daygame, Nightgame, and Online Game coach for 2+ Years

Based in Europe

Specializes in:

  • Process Based Teaching of Day Game and Night Game
  • Consistent Pulling and One Night Stands
  • Low Energy, “It Just Happened” Style Day Game
  • Bridging the Transition to Casual Sex Partners
  • Creating Lasting, Meaningful, Emotional Connections

One Simple Goal:


I know from two decades of experience.

Mentorship works.

I know because when I started learning game, I struggled by myself until I realized that there was a simpler, better, faster way.

But a major part of why mentorship works is one that’s often overlooked: When you build long-lasting relationships with a mentor, you start to internalize their way of looking at the world and solving problems.

Especially in game, which does not come naturally to many men, adopting the solutions and tactics of a mentor is simply the easiest and fastest way to get insane results in game.

Why do it on your own when there’s another option?


Todd V.

The Simple Path to Rapid Growth

What Todd's Students Are Saying...

“Todd is the real deal. I truly think Todd is a pioneer. The following week (after program) I had 5 dates...I have never had this happen in my life.”


“Just wanted to say Thank You! Thank you for showing me that it is possible! Thank you for teaching me everything about game. After 2  years, finally I am with someone I feel happy about ;)”


“Since our coaching sessions, my life has transformed. I rarely use this word, because it’s often abused, but it accurately describes what happened to me. Thank you.”


“I am really impressed by all the input I got from Todd. I am overloaded with all the feedback and trying to process it all. I didn’t realize you guys are that attentive, supportive, committed, and detail oriented.”


8 Group Calls with Todd per Month

Mentorship Portal

Ask a Coach

Mini-Course Library

Mentorship Archive

Exclusive Members-Only Events

Accountability and Community

Optional: Personal 1-on-1 Calls with a Coach

What is the Mentorship Program?

The mentorship program is designed from the ground up to give you direct access to Todd, his coaches, and a structured digital support system for your game journey. Whether it’s answering a specific question, finding a clear course of action, directly addressing sticking points, or deep-focusing on critical areas of game, the Mentorship Program is built to cater to your game transformation. 

Who is this program for?

Whether just starting out, jumping back into game, or actively gaming for years, the Mentorship Program is designed to make learning game easier and faster by tailoring advice to your specific game situation. Blast past game obstacles in a fraction of the time by having an experienced, knowledgeable mentor.

Do I have direct access to Todd and his coaches?

Yes, that’s literally what this entire program is about. Two weekly live group calls with Todd give you direct access to Todd’s brain and wealth of game knowledge. In addition, you’ll be able to get detailed feedback from Todd and his coaches on specific questions, field reports, and assignments in the mentorship portal.

What is the structure of this program?

This program is designed to have as much, or as little structure as you personally need. Some students just need a question or two answered a week. Other students are in full learning mode and can take advantage of the structured mini-courses, use the mentorship portal to complete field reports and assignments, ask direct questions to Todd’s coaches, and show up to every weekly session with Todd. It’s up to you!

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Fix sticking points in a fraction of time instead of hitting your head against the wall for years.

Learn exactly how to execute at a high-level from those that already know. 

Learn game at a deep, instinctual level by taking action on the feedback and guidance you’re receiving.

Uncensored weekly access to Todd: 8x Monthly live Q+A webinars where you can ask me anything as long as it’s related to game, dating, and relationships.

Private Mentorship Community: A private, anonymous mentorship portal where you can interact, ask questions, post field reports, ad complete assignments.

Direct access to coaches: Got questions for my highly-trained coaching staff? Ask them directly in the mentorship portal. 

Roadmaps and Mini-Courses: Take action on a variety of video roadmaps and mini-courses designed for your skill-level and style of game.

Mentorship Archive: Get access to in-depth answers to common sticking points that students face repeatedly.

Deep-dives on common sticking points

Uncensored outer game and inner game

Long-term guidance and support from Todd

Anything goes Q+A

Long in-depth sessions (Maximum 3 Hours)

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